• (before playng, you can create a world whit chosen mods, things, zombie fastness, building time and so on, adter that theres chartchter creation, the special tab has a toturial , then youre ready to play) well the combat is simple, you have speed, more speed is how fast you move making hits faster, theres skills to help you be a badass fighter or a parkour-er, like parkour or the skill fast, its best to flee a zombie horde, the best thing to do for survival is to be quiet, but no matter what i do, i die, i normally but zombie speed to 50 and flimsy ness to 30,also shotguns attracts more zombies it kills, good escape points when cornered are the sewers or barricading yourself


you have an encumbrance level, and if you but on clotches it rises, theres like outer layer, cut dmg, bash, fire, environmental, head, mounts, legs and all that, more encumbered = more penaltys, legs slow you down, head limith how mich you can put on,

- - -} also stuff you NEED know... {- - - G = grab, grab a basket, a table... s= smash, smash stuff

  • = building

if you go to the keycontols, you can see that -Cheat- -engine- debug commands are unlisted, you can check and try every key there, but debug is your "learn from experience" pretty valuable

becose am only 13 and i made this all, my grammar is bad, and am tired now, please uptate and fix my horroble grammar if you wish to, RainBoom out

also i just saw they have a new place... its so use this info for something... somehow... also your breathing stops if you take in too much cokeain